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„…Follow me and do the things which ye have seen me do…“ (2 Nephi 31:12)

People who will be with us and speak to us at the YSA conference

Elder Pilz from Area Seventy with his wife Karin

To all participants of the Multi-National-YSA-Conference

Dear friends,
It will be a pleasure to meet with you in just a few weeks time in the YSA-Conference to be held in the Czech Republic.

My wife Karin and I will travel from our home in Germany, close to Darmstadt, just south of Frankfurt. We have 5 grown-up children, they all have left the house, created their own home and are married to wonderful spouses now.  We have been blessed with 11 grand children.

I am a medical doctor and have worked for more than 30 years as a surgeon. Over the years I worked in orthopedic surgery, treating broken bones and injured knees, later in vascular surgery and abdominal surgery. Finally I specialized in laparoscopic techniques, the so-called „key-hole-surgery“.
We both got married at the age of 25, had our first three children while living as a student-family with little income in a two bedroom apartment. Working hard in a wonderful companionship,and trusting in the Lord we „survived“.

The doctrine of Christ has been part of our life from childhood. We both have been blessed with courageous ancestors. My great-grandfather and his family joined the Church in 1894 and were baptized in the Main River in Frankfurt. Those German Pioneers - together with a small group of stalwart fellow Saints established a sound foundation while struggling with adversities and challenging circumstances in those days.

Certainly faithful ancestors are a blessing to build on, but in the end it is our personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that counts.

The calling of a Seventy is to be a witness to all the world of the divinity of Christ and His Atonement. It is a privilege and also a challenge to fulfill this calling, serving the Saints in the Europe Area. We love to meet with members from North to South and from East to West, and we now look forward meeting with all of you wonderful young people.

Testifying of the reality of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is not restricted to a certain calling, but an obligation to all of us who have entered the waters of baptism, "to stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places that (we) may be in“.

Rejoice in the opportunity of associating with special people of your age during these days of conference. Share your individual conversion-story and your personal testimony!
I invite every one of you to not only prepare for the journey, but to also prepare spiritually for this event. Let us be ready to hear the messages that the Lord has for everyone of us, a message that might not even be spoken of during our meetings, but a message that will be directed personally to you by the influence of the Holy Ghost. Seek those answers to your private questions of life!

May this conference assist in building faith, in finding new friends and in establishing lasting relationships.

Elder Wolfgang Pilz
Area Seventy
Europe Area

Fireside speakers:

President Pilka and his wife

Martin and Alena Pilkovi
Maybe it is hard to believe, but there was a time when we were also young single adults!
We are both converts who joined the church as university students.
Martin was baptized in 1989, served a mission in Seattle, Washington. He works in real estate development and currently serves as a Stake president at Stake Stake Prague - Czech Republic. Alena was baptized in 1991, she works as a hospital pharmacist and serves as a Sunday school teacher.
We are married for 24 years, have 4 children and are happy to have the gospel in our lives!


Bohdana and Michal Hanzal live in Liberec, Czech Republic, and are parents of three children. They currently serve in the Stake Presidency and in the Stake Primary Presidency and work as translators and Bohdana as a foreign language teacher. They have been members of the Church for 13 and 15 years. Michal Hanzal served a mission in Frankfurt, Germany.
"Every morning we wake up with excitement to a new day of the dispensation of the fullness of times when the gospel is restored and the Lord is hastening His work on the earth. We feel thrilled about all the possibilities we have to be a part of it and to serve God's children in and outside the Lord's Church. We also enjoy serving our family members both living and deceased. We are excited about meeting you at the YSA conference this July!"


Radovan Čaněk - Curriculum vitae for Young Single Adults Conference
A key experience in my life was a lecture on love I listened to at the Summer Yoga Camp in August 1978. When the lecturer (until later found out to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) talked of love to the enemy, I felt he was the one to show me the way I'm looking for. Only later did I realize that the source of this feeling was the Holy Ghost. Because it was in socialist Czechoslovakia, the journey from this experience to baptism into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was not easy - I was baptized in May 1981.
I was born in 1947 in northeastern Bohemia. I graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague. I worked in physical laboratories, after the Velvet Revolution I worked for two years at the Vrchlabí Municipal Office. From 1993 until retirement, I worked as a translator for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
From my first marriage I have three sons. In 1995, I married Maria Smidova. In the Freiberg temple our marriage was sealed for eternity. After the wedding we moved to Prague.
I served as a counselor in the branch, district, and mission presidencies. I also served as a branch missionary, branch president, Sunday schoolpresident, and as a temple worker for ordinances.
At present I serve as patriarch of Prague Czech Republic Stake and as an instructor of the elders quorum.
My desire is to follow Jesus Christ and be His disciple.

Marie Čaňková - Curriculum vitae for Young Single Adults Conference
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I met through my lecturer in yoga. I was baptized in June 1989.
I was born in 1950 in HavlíčkůvBrod. At the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University in Brno, I studied Czech and French languages, from which I later received a doctorate. For 24 years I taught teenagers from 11 to 19 years of age. After that, I devoted myself exclusively to language reviews of translations for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I served as a teacher and music director in Primary, as the branch YW president, as a counselor in the district YW presidency, as a teacher and branch RS president as well as a district RS president and as a teacher in the Sunday school for adults. Currently, I serve as a Sunday school teacher for the youth and as a writer of patriarchal blessings, which my husband gives to the members. I am the author of the Prague ward Newsletter.

Institute teachers:

Elder Kosak with his wife Elke

Henry & Elke Kosak, born in East Germany and raised as members of the Church in a Communist country. We have three kids and two grandkids.
We love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, his Plan of Salvation, and Eternal Families. Since 30 years we’re happily involved in teaching Seminary and Institute of Religion.
For almost 7 years we lived/worked in Russia for the Church Educational System and served a mission in the Germany Berlin Mission afterwards.
Our love is also in reading good books, enjoying travelling, art and music.

Elder Kucskár József

1st lesson: Your future depends on what you do today! (D&C 88.62-85)
2nd lesson: To reach your goal you must do things,you have never before done! (D&C 88:119,95,109) 

Christian Euvrard & spouse

Christian and Marie-Françoise are from Paris, France. He works for S&I as Regional Director for Europe South-East, she teaches piano and translates hymns. They have served in many capacities and have always loved to be involved with the youth! They enjoy singing, traveling and meeting new people. They are anxious to seeing all of you!

Brother Achim Erlacher

I married my lovely wife Louise, 25 years ago. The best and most important decision in my life. According to a new publication of an Austrian divorce lawyer, the length of a marriage correlates inversely proportional with the money spent on the wedding. It didn´t need that book for us to know, that we are in it for eternity. We have been blessed with two, now YSAs, children of our own and have the privilege to foster three more siblings in Kindergartenage. We enjoy home and garden life as well as occasional trips as a family.
I served a mission in Manchester, England, worked as a teacher, studied mechanical engineering and education and am currently coordinating seminary and institute programmes in Austria and south Germany. Beside the gospel and my family I love being involved in different projects and keep myself busy with all sorts of things. But my testimony of Jesus Christ and his atonement as well as of his restored church is dearer to me than any hobby or work I like to engage in.
I am very much looking forward to meet you and discuss some gospel principles and hope that my grandchildren can enjoy your teaching, serving and abilities to lead within the church in 25 years time…

Elder Dan and Sister Julia Skoubye

Elder and Sister Skoubye were born and raised in Utah, USA. They both graduated from the
University of Utah where Sister Skoubye prepared to be a math teacher and Elder Skoubye
studied Political Science and later earned his MPA from BYU. Elder and Sister Skoubye met
each other shortly after Elder Skoubye’s return from the Montana-Wyoming Mission at a
Young Single Adult activity. The following spring, they were married in the Salt Lake
Temple. They were blessed with four children, two boys and two girls.

The Skoubye family made their home in South Jordan, Utah. Sister Skoubye enjoyed serving
weekly as a guide on Temple Square. Elder Skoubye began his cherished career as a
seminary and institute teacher. In this capacity, they moved their family to Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania for four years then returned to South Jordan and Sister Skoubye activated her
teaching certificate and began a career as a math teacher.
Elder and Sister Skoubye both retired in 2016 to spend more time with their children and 14
grandchildren, go camping, participate in orchestras, work on Family History and enjoy the
blessings of the temple. Over the years, they have served together in various capacities
including bishop and stake presidencies. For the last eight and a half years they enjoyed
serving as stake patriarch and scribe. In October they began their service as missionaries
serving the young single adults throughout the Europe Area.

“We are so honored and excited to serve with the Young Single Adults of the Europe Area.
We feel so blessed to be part of the Kingdom of God and the ongoing restoration of the
gospel in these last days of preparation for the Second Coming of our Lord.”